Your Shadow Never Leaves You

Your Shadow Never Leaves You

I spent 13 years of my life with Mr. Shadow, a little grey tabby dumped outside our house one day. I always say that your cats come to you — you can’t come to them — but this was a particularly literal case. From the very beginning of his days with us, Mr. Shadow was a strangely simultaneously affectionate and aloof cat. He loved snuggling with people and claimed hats, laps, knitting, and…

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Book Review: The Glass Sentence, S.E. Grove

Book Review: The Glass Sentence, S.E. Grove

Imagine if a single sentence could change the world; if, in fact, the key holding your entire world together was bound up in just a few words. That’s the premise of S.E. Grove’s (no relation, although I do have an affinity for fellow s.e.s out there) The Glass Sentencean absolutely stunning debut that you’ll definitely want to read if you love epic worlds, mapmaking, awesome lady characters,…

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Trial By Your Peers: How Accessible Is Your Courthouse?

Trial By Your Peers: How Accessible Is Your Courthouse?

At the cornerstone of the US judicial system lies the idea that everyone shall be tried by a jury of their peers, that this is a right to which all people should be entitled. We already know that jury selection is flawed in many ways, and that the distribution of jurors is typically grossly unfair for a variety of reasons (not least of which is the substantial jury research used by both sides to…

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Can We Kill California’s Death Penalty?

Can We Kill California’s Death Penalty?

In a move that stunned legal experts, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney ruled California’s death penalty unconstitutional over the summer, in a decision that could have far-reaching effects across the state’s justice system. His ruling in the case of Ernest D. Jones, who has been on California’s death row for almost 20 years, argued that the extensive delays inherent in California’s…

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Why Shouldn’t Felons Vote?

Why Shouldn’t Felons Vote?

Felon disenfranchisementis a known and pressing issue in the United States, a nation where people can be stripped of their voting rights long after committing a crime and serving time for it. Disenfranchisement after release has been heavily criticised, especially since it disproportionately affects men of colour in the United States, effectively depriving an entire minority community of the…

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Are Our Checks and Balances Broken?

Are Our Checks and Balances Broken?

In the United States, we grow up being taught about the virtues of checks and balances, and this great, looming, governmental system designed to keep any one branch from gaining control over the other two. The executive has veto power and can appoint judges, judges can review legislation and develop caselaw, the legislative can override vetoes, pass new laws, and confirm judges. Together, the…

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Playing Games With Immigrant Children

Playing Games With Immigrant Children

This year, an unprecedented number of unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at the US-Mexico border, along with women and children. All have been found seeking access to the United States without documentation, and the result has been a humanitarian crisis in the border states as refugees live for weeks, months, and sometimes years in detainee facilities while clogged immigration courts rush…

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Book Review: Conversion, by Katherine Howe

Book Review: Conversion, by Katherine Howe

What is happening to the girls of St. Joan’s? One by one, the students of this elite girls’ school are falling ill with mysterious symptoms: They’re having seizures, losing their mobility, and watching their hair fall out. One is even coughing up pins. Is it a fraud? Is it environmental illness? Everyone in the community of Danvers, Massachusetts, has answers, and Colleen Rowley is one of them as…

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Hollywood and the Female Auteur

Hollywood and the Female Auteur

Name, if you will, some of the most noted contemporary women in film: Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion, Miranda July, Claire Denis. Lots of women are making sharp, contemporary, elegant, wonderful movies, and some of those films are falling into the category of what we might think of as art film — the kind of film that would lead us to label the director as an auteur. Films with such…

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