The backlash against ALS fundraising is all wet

Breaking down the misinformation about the ALS Association’s financials. 

In the Garden: Survivors

In the Garden: Survivors

Labour Day is here (take some time out from your barbecues to thank a union member, won’t you?) and with it, a return to my garden. I’ve been away for a bit and I was impressed to find large chunks of it still alive upon my return, despite, or perhaps because of, my ongoing neglect. (My landlords have been incredibly generous during my frequent absences this year when it comes to taking care of…

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Book Review: While We Run, Karen Healey

Book Review: While We Run, Karen Healey

Before I review While We Runthe sequel to the fantastic When We Wakea brief story to convey my depths of love both for Karen Healey, and for these books set in a futuristic Australia where resource scarcity and global strife are being used by the government to advance an isolationist and extremist political policy. You see, I’d been busy around the release date of this book, and I sort of…

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I Did A Sleep Study And All I Got Was This Lousy Sore Index Finger

In which I am determined to make my sleep study saga hilarious. (Also, legitimate information on what to expect from a sleep study if one has been recommended for you and you’re not sure about what will be involved.)

Why the Pushback on YA?

Why the Pushback on YA?

Every other week, it seems, I’m reading an article attacking young adult literature. It’s trashy, it’s too dark, it’s not dark enough, it’s juvenile, it’s too sexy, it focuses too much on girls…the list seems endless, as Aja Romano pointed out at the Daily Dot earlier this year. In response to every ludicrous opinion piece on YA arises a whole new slew of responses from people ardently defending…

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Dear Prudence Thinks You Should Keep Your Bisexuality Like a Deep Dark Secret

The only reason to tell someone to conceal their sexual identity is if you think coming out would endanger them (in which case, that person needs to be able to access a safer space), or if you think that the individual should be ashamed of her sexuality. Telling a bisexual woman who wants to be open about herself that she should conceal her identity sends a loud and clear message that she should be ashamed of herself. 

Doing EMRs Right (from a Patient’s Perspective)

Doing EMRs Right (from a Patient’s Perspective)

As a result of health insurance reform, I am now covered by health insurance, at great personal cost to myself. I chose Kaiser for my coverage because I know and like a number of Kaiser doctors, I like their system (compensation as a salary, not per procedure, which discourages unnecessary procedures and testing since there’s no incentive for it), and it’s convenient. And I have to say that thus…

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xoJane: FARK Bans Misogyny In Comments, Setting A New Precedent For Bro-Culture Websites

I spend a lot of my time railing about Internet culture and how many websites and moderators are reluctant to control it because they place profits over community, because they just don’t care, because they’re lazy, because it’s easier to claim that something is impossible than it is to take concrete action. FARK has bucked the trend, and I’m immensely proud of them for taking a stance on an issue that their readers won’t necessarily agree on — the moderators definitely face an uphill battle when it comes to reshaping community standards and forcing people to rethink what “acceptable behavior” looks like. That battle, though, is worth it.

I am really excited this, and feel like it’s a trend towards the positive. FARK just laid down a serious comment moderation gauntlet here.