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Hello there! I’m s.e. smith, but I used to write informally under the pseudonym ‘meloukhia.’ I post images and links to things I’m interested in here—being interested in something doesn’t mean I endorse it or think it’s totally awesome. 

I particularly like octopi, think swans are highly dangerous threats to national security, and adore tea. 

I write at many places on the Internet and elsewhere; my professional website is a good place to start for more information, and my username on Twitter is @sesmithwrites if you are in the mood for short form communiques. I’m also the Deputy Opinion Editor on The Daily Dot — if you have something you’d like to pitch me there, send it to sesmith @ dailydot dot com. 

If something is not attributed, it’s most likely by me, because I like to make sure things get credited to their creators. I seek Creative Commons-licensed images and exercise judicious fair use when it comes to linked content, but if you’re the copyright holder of something you see here and you aren’t happy about it being here, please don’t hesitate to contact me; sometimes licensing rights for images change, etc., and I am always happy to make a correction.

My email address is sesmithwrites at gmail dot com. You can also ask me questions here on Tumblr! (I like questions!) For the super ambitious, my mailing address is P.O. Box 2764, Fort Bragg, California, 95437.