Book Review: Dirty Wings, Sarah McCarry

Book Review: Dirty Wings, Sarah McCarry

Sarah McCarry’s Dirty Wings is the followup to All Our Pretty Songsher amazing YA debut from last year. If you haven’t read All Our Pretty Songs yet, you should really get on it, because, as I mentioned, it’s amazing – you can read my thoughts on it, in fact, if you need further persuasion. Fortunately for you, though, you don’t have to read All Our Pretty Songs to enjoy Dirty Wings, which…

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Television’s Women’s Worlds

Television’s Women’s Worlds

What do Orphan Black, Bletchley Circle, and Call the Midwife have in common? All three of them only have men as supporting characters — important ones, often, as in the case of Felix, but still, the shows place women front and center. To a lesser extent, the same is true of Scandal, though President Grant occupies a much more key role than any of the men on the previously mentioned shows. This…

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How a decoder ring is changing the conversation on disability tech

The hed is a little ridiculous, I know, but I promise, the tech is cool, and so is the huge upsurge in really awesome adaptive tech. 

Not All Millennials Are Privileged, Spoiled, and Obnoxious

Not All Millennials Are Privileged, Spoiled, and Obnoxious

Millennials are garnering rather a lot of hate in the media right now; we’re the generation everyone loves to bash, just as older generations bashed on the generations that came after them throughout history. It seems to be a rite of passage, but, of course, as someone who’d be classified as a Millennial, I’m particularly interested in the way this, my generation, is framed in media and pop…

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[Image: Two pictures of a very wrinkled and worn overdue library slip from 1928.]


This 1928 NYPL overdue book slip was miraculously discovered in the 1980s during the construction of the Tenement Museum. The Museum kept the card on display, stating that the title of the book on the card is “one of the great mysteries, we unfortunately do not know.” That is, until yesterday, when the Museum turned to Twitter for help deciphering the handwriting. Within a few hours, the mystery was solved. The book, which may have never been returned, was Israel by by Ludwig Lewisohn. A great example of the power of social media.

Environmental Racism Is Consistent Across Economic Classes

Environmental Racism Is Consistent Across Economic Classes

A fascinating recent studyon environmental racism in the United States reveals the stark nature of the interaction between race, pollution, and health: even high income people of colour experience more exposure to pollutants than their white counterparts. While one might expect an interaction between race, class, and environmental exposures, the study indicates that race alone can be an important…

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[Image: A series of stunning watercolours of Chinese women posing with flowers. The flowers depicted and their symbolic meaning are discussed in the caption below.]



《花·女词》 by 呀呀(Yaya)

Flowers’ Symbolization in Chinese Culture 

牡丹          Tree peony             (Mǔdān;  symbolize royalty in ancient China. Now it commonly symbolizes prosperity)

梅              Plum blossom       (Méi or Méihuā;  symbolize honor, love, hope and so many others. See HERE)

杜鹃花       Rhododendron simsii    (Dùjuān Huā;  symbolize beauty, sweet love and chastity)

木兰           Magnolia liliiflora   (Mulan magnolia / Mùlán; symbolize faith, dignity and loyalty)

茉莉           Jasmine                  (Mòlì; symbolize purity, attraction and Chinese tea culture)

彼岸花       Lycoris radiata        (Red spider lily / Bǐ’àn Huā; symbolize seduction and ingratitude, “gentleness from devils”)

海棠花       Malus spectabilis   (Asiatic apple / Hǎitáng Huā; symbolize parting and nostalgia for lover or home)

I bought this book the other week in a metro mall! (Taiwan) Highly recommended to those who like Chinese culture/paintings/flowers

s.e. smith interviews Hilary T. Smith + WILD AWAKE giveaway!

Hilary T. Smith is FANTASTIC and she was so much fun to interview. You might be surprised by some of the things she says!