John Logan at In These Times: Right-to-Work in Michigan Is About Politics, Not Economics

Michigan Republicans have done their utmost to make sure there has been no opportunity to discuss the merits of the legislation and no opportunity for voters to learn about the true impact of right-to-work. They have rushed right-to-work through the legislature in record time, overriding the attempts of Democrats to have the legislation voted on in conference committee. Late last week, the controversial measure went from floor introduction to passage in 90 minutes, with no hearings and no testimony. After watching Ohio’s anti-collective bargaining legislation overturned by a large majority in a special election last year, Republicans have taken measures to ensure that Michigan’s voters cannot overturn right-to-work. The inclusion of an appropriations provision means that right-to-work can only be replaced by new legislation, and the redrawing of boundaries by Republicans after the 2010 elections will make it difficult for Democrats to win the seats necessary to achieve this.

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