Help a person out?

So, my father is feeling pretty down, as one does after major heart surgery and the huge disruption of your life that comes along with that. For some obscure reason he seems to be proud of me, and it’s meant a lot to him to hear that people from all over the world have been asking after him and sending along good wishes. 

For those of you so inclined, it would mean even more if you’d be up for sending him a little something in the mail to let him know people are thinking of him. Doesn’t have to be much—a postcard or a quick note is awesome, although if you want to get all creative and ridiculous, feel free to send a jar of pickles*, some homemade cookies, something your child drew, a diagrammed sentence, whatever. 

You are by no means required to do this, but it would be awesome if you did. 

You can send things to:

Joe Smith

c/o s.e. smith

PO Box 2764

Fort Bragg, California 95437

*Please do not actually send pickles. Or if you do, please pack them very, very well**.

**Also, my dad prefers dill pickles. FYI. 

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