this ain't livin': Can We Talk About Big Pharma Without Alienating Disabled People?

Conversations about big pharma in progressive communities often end up having an alienating feel for at least some of us who need medication to stay alive, especially when these conversations veer into the territory of claiming that medical conditions are made up or exaggerated in order to sell more medications. This is particularly noticeable with gendered conditions like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as mental health conditions, which many people don’t seem to regard as serious medical issues, let alone conditions that might require medication for long-term treatment. But it also expands to almost any condition you can think of; people routinely ask me when I’ll stop using inhalers for asthma and I say ‘when I die.’

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    Seriously makes me so uncomfortable to hear dumb fucks talk about why antidepressants shouldn’t be sold Shut the fuck...
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    Thumbs up to this. My daily existence depends on “unnatural” drugs that keep me from going into convulsions.
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    I was just tinking the other day that the people who tend to complain about “big pharma” are the able-bodied fuckfaces...
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    THIS! If my love quit taking the meds that regulate his permanent electrolyte imbalance he’d be dead in a few days. If I...
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    Yes please. I’ve heard this a lot and it’s not okay. You can go after Big Pharma without going after patients, really...
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