xoJane: How Jane Pratt Forced Me to Post Pictures of Myself on the Internet and What I Learned

For me, taking selfies has become fun, and it’s become a ritual of owning more of my body and my image. And it’s become a way for me to show that I am something other than words — I am also a human being, with a body that shifts and changes over time, with a sense of humor about myself and my body, with an identity that isn’t bound up solely in my words, or in my body. I am a person who bakes things and reads books and hides in bed on cold days and chases cats around the house.

There is a tendency on the Internet especially for people to become divorced from their humanity, and selfies change that, confronting you with the reality behind a byline or a username. There’s a reason so many newspapers historically printed headshots of columnists so you could know there was a person behind them, and there’s a reason Jane asked us to regularly include pictures of ourselves in our work.

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