Jill Disis and Bill McCleery at Indystar: Advocates: Laws needed to protect [disabled] students after girl's feet duct-taped

Someone at Westlake Elementary School in Wayne Township had wrapped duct tape around the shoes and socks of an 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome. Her parents, Nate and Elizabeth Searcy, said the tape was so tight that their daughter, Shaylyn, couldn’t walk.

Shaylyn Searcy’s parents said she could not even stand up and walk down the aisle of her school bus when she returned home Monday.

“She said, ‘I can’t. It hurts.’ So we had to carry her off the bus,” said Elizabeth Searcy, 29.

“She had duct tape all the way from her feet up around the tops of her ankles. And it was industrial duct tape. It literally pulled fabric off her socks and vinyl off her shoes, it was so strong.”

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