Tiger Beatdown: The Help is a model of the most unhelpful cinematography


Yeah, I saw it and I wrote about it. And I found out who financed it. Now I am left wondering about the implications.

Truly, this is a great post. Given all the commentary about this movie, one would reasonably be left wondering if it’s possible to say anything else that hasn’t already been said by six people. Flavia discovered that, in fact, there was something else to say! 

What exactly would compel Imagenation Abu Dhabi to invest in a movie that advances the idea of WoC’s lack of agency? What would compel this government owned company to back up a film that perpetuates rancid notions about the social standing and lives of domestic workers, when this government itself has often been accused of not addressing the abuse that domestic workers in the Emirates face in the hands of the ruling classes? I can assure you, this was not a random decision. This is politically motivated (every investment made by the government of the EmiratesIS politically motivated, even though we might not be able to pin point the exact reasons at first sight).